SharePoint Modern News targeting using Highlighted Content WebPart

By the time of writing this Microsoft is heavily developing on the new modern sites, they are awesome! While this is the way forward we are currently struggling with some features we used to have with the classic publishing sites like publishing in the future and targeting. We know they are coming, Benjamin Niaulin wrote a [...]

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Master Page Gallery add or remove file results in Access Denied

Today I was working on some customizations in SharePoint Online and I needed to add files to the Master Page Gallery. I could add folders, but when I tried to upload files I got an Access Denied message "Sorry, you don't have access to this page": Master Page Gallery Request Access First I [...]

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Open Content Search WebPart result in Office Online

Recently I was working on an intranet solution based on SharePoint Online. One of the requirements was to show an overview of recently edited documents. A perfect job for the Content Search WebPart (CSWP). After the configuration of the CSWP I found out that, by default, the results link direclty to the file, for example: .../sites/PowerBIDemo/Shared%20Documents/Profit%20and%20Products%20Reports.xlsx This [...]

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