By the time of writing this Microsoft is heavily developing on the new modern sites, they are awesome! While this is the way forward we are currently struggling with some features we used to have with the classic publishing sites like publishing in the future and targeting. We know they are coming, Benjamin Niaulin wrote a very nice SharePoint roadmap based on all the announcements at Ignite 2017, but if you can not wait and need targeting what can you do? The last thing was the most important subject in a case where a communication department wants to have the possibility to target news to multiple groups, without having to publish an article multiple times or have to create the pages in different sites. Besides that, a user wants to see news from his/her office location on the landing page of their Modern Workplace.


The steps that I took to implement this scenario are:

  1. Create a new Content Type, based on Site Page, and add some Managed Metadata fields
  2. Add this Content Type to the Site Pages Library
  3. Extend the SharePoint User Profile with the same Managed Metadata fields
  4. Map the fields of the Content Type to Managed Properties, for example RefinableString141
  5. Add a Higlighted Content WebPart to the page where you want to display the targeted news
  6. Add filter based on a Managed property, you can use this notation for User Profile properties: {User.CustomProperty.Name}

Although you do have the ability to create multiple filters based on a Managed Property, this is currently not working. Microsoft is working on it and it will be February/March 2018 before this will work.

Highlighted Content WebPart Filter

Editors can now create a news page with the new capabilities and use the details pane to edit the metadata of the page. Make sure that you tell the editors that they have to publish the page (again) after editing the properties. It would be nice if editors can edit metadata on the front end of the page in the future. The details pane feels like a bit of a work around to me.

Modern Site Page Details Pane

Final thoughts

Hopefully this post will help you target modern news pages today. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new announced features regarding Communication Sites and the Hub site of course.