Yesterday Microsoft released Office for iPad. If you want Office for iPad, you can download four different Applications:

  • Microsoft OneNote for iPad (was already available)
  • Microsoft Word for iPad
  • Microsoft Excel for iPad
  • Microsoft Powerpoint for iPad

When your iTunes account is not your Office 365 account, also known as an organizational account, Office for iPad displays a message that you have to buy an Office 365 Subscription to use Office for iPad. You can select another account but you can not choose an organizational account.

However, if you go to one of the Office Applications and do the following actions:

  • Click on your profile picture in the upper left corner, remove the current account.
  • Office for iPad step 1.1

    Office for iPad step 1.1

    Office for iPad step 1.2

    Office for iPad step 1.2

  • Click Sign In and fill in your organizational account username.
  • Choose organizational account.
  • Office for iPad step 3

    Office for iPad step 2

  • Fill in your password
  • Office for iPad step 4

    Office for iPad step 3

You are ready to go with Office for iPad with your Office 365 Account.